It was not until we had a recent business enquiry that we realised we may have some items that truly are unique corporate gift ideas - items thats will remain as memorable gifts for years to come. Our selection of New Zealand themed and designed Recycled Mats, fashionable Otentik Sunshades (beach tent shelters) or our Summer Picnic wine tables are all ideal. Also our range of lights and lanterns are items that should not be over looked.

What better way to make a good impression on clients and staff. Reward them with memorable gifts or a unique corporate gift.

Finding a unique corporate gift that makes you stand out from other suppliers or your competition is always a task. Your clients and staff are essential to success. Their relationships with you are key to your success. A thoughtful unique corporate gift is a way to show your appreciation or to reward and recognise your most valued clients and staff. The solar powered Luci range or the usb charged Helio Lantern are small but also a great gift that could be branded.

We are always on the lookout for clever products that will suit a New Zealand lifestyle while having an element of sustainability. Our corporate gift range will memorable gifts and create a talking point amongst clients, staff and their friends and family. All the while we will help your gift stand out from the crowd.

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