Lifestyle Gear Origins

Lifestyle Gear was originally started in 2014 with a personal search for a sun shelter equipment suited to New Zealand’s environment. Along the way was the discovery of the Sport-brella and other successful international brands that had not previously made it to our shores. What we have discovered was our passion to bring stylish and functional outdoor gear to New Zealand.

While Lifestyle Gear is a Kiwi owned and operated online store, our business is not “faceless”! Too many people hide behind emails and websites nowadays. So customers can contact us at any reasonable hour of the day.

We stand behind what we offer and are committed to sourcing original products through reputable suppliers or the inventors. We will not and do not accept “rip offs” or counterfeit products. As a result you can be sure we will only bring you the best. All products are shipped from our New Zealand warehouse.

Outdoor Gear & Equipment for New Zealand

If you have any suggestions, please contact us. If we see the benefit or get enough interest in the same item, then we will investigate the viability of bringing it into New Zealand. Obviously the more interest we get for a product the likelihood of bringing it into NZ increases.

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About Us

As backpackers we have travelled the world and experienced different cultures and quite a few countries. During these three years we created life-long memories from our experiences. But we also used a fair bit of gear camping in the middle of no-where in Australia for months at a time and meandering overland through continental Europe.


Being a progressive “new-age spiritual hippie”, I am all about being one with nature. But as I said progressive!

We all use devices in everyday life. So why not use the latest, most innovative gear in the great outdoors to enhance and enrich that experience.

I grew up on a farm in the lower North Island which was like my own playground. This paved the way to completing my diploma in Adventure and Eco–Tourism and allowed me to see New Zealand in all it’s spectacular beauty. During this time I went diving, rafting, kayaking, caving, rock climbing and hiking – things that everyone should experience and be shared.

Now a proud mother of three, we look forward to weekends spent at the beach, regional parks or kayaking on our local river.


As the “sensible” one of the business I look for the practicality in gear that can be used in the outdoors. But I do get excited by the latest inventions. As Nicki said, why not use the latest and greatest to enhance our experiences.

I went to University to be an accountant and very quickly saw the light! Having completed a degree in Sports Management & Coaching, I have spent many years working with some of the biggest sporting brands in NZ and the World.

Now it’s time for me to start doing what I am more passionate about. All the while getting me away from sitting at a desk behind a computer, and doing something I love and look forward too. That is spending time in the outdoors with our three children and enjoying NZ in all its glory!

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