When you are choosing a cultural NZ Maori or Pacific Recycled Floor Mat you are not only helping support the clean up of this beautiful planet we call Earth by reclaiming what would otherwise be more landfill, but also celebrating culture through comfort and style.

In a world that is constantly recognising our differences, we can now appreciate our own and others heritage in these enlightening times. It takes all of us to make up this world we live in. This is the thread that takes these humble beginnings of early symbology to weave a story. A story of where we have come from to how we are proceeding forward to a more unified future.

There has always been more similarities between our different cultures that brings as together as fellow human beings. This is what our mats are meant to do, bring us together. Whether it is a picnic and the sharing of food, or mat time for your class to share their stories and learning.

The invitation is there, to share with as many as space allows. It draws you in, to create special spaces within a space. It has so many possibilities. This can be a quite reflective space for reading or time out. A playmat to contain the chaos of creative minds whether it be inside or out. The coming together of cultural groups such as Kapa Haka or simply the place you can sit down with your lunch box for morning/afternoon tea.

These mats are so easy and convenient to clean. Just shake out, wipe down, vacuum or hose down and let dry depending on your mess. These mats easily fold up for convenient storage and handling. They are durable and made to last.

Feel good in the knowledge that you are making a difference by buying a cultural NZ Maori Recycled Mat (something made beautiful from discarded waste) which promotes bringing people together through cultural art in a comfortable mat that is so versatile, durable and convenient.

Check out our range of Cultural NZ Maori & Pacific Recycled Floor Mat collection by clicking here.

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