The TreePod is a blending together of features. Features of a hammock, hanging chair, and a day tent - offering a perfect space to relax while suspended off the ground.

The TreePod is a new addition to the Hanging Habitats range and Lifestyle Gear are really excited to be the exclusive seller of these in good ole Aotearoa. Hammocks have grown in popularity in recent years due to their portability. To the extent that some hammocks even replacing traditional camping tents for outdoor lovers. All TreePod Cabana & Lounger's are a step up again and offer the next level of a hammock, come hanging chair, come day tent, come treehouse.

Whether you’re planning a weekend camping trip or you just want somewhere to hang out in your backyard, the newest TreePod products provide a semi-enclosed habitat along with the rocking sensation of a hammock. The Cabana & Lounger each feature diameters of 5 or 6 feet (1.5m or 1.8m) with a dual frame construction. Thus providing more space than similar products on the market.

The only difference between the Cabana & the Lounger is the fabric. The Cabana walls are constructed entirely of mesh. This allows for spacious panoramic views and a gentle breeze while still providing shade from the sun, ideal for warmer climates. Yet the Lounger features solid canvas walls, which offer added privacy and protection from the elements. Both the Cabana & Lounger's are designed with a steel frame rated to hold 226 kgs - enough for two adults or a few children.

All versions come with a fabric pod, rope, hand strap, frame, bag, and quick link. Set up is really easy. You have to simply select a place to hang your TreePod. Insert the frame into the fabric pod in a very similar to how you would set up a tent. Once you have assembled the frames, secure the rope to the top of the TreePod's quick link. Finally throw the rope over a branch or rail big enough to hold the weight, tie off the rope securely and away you go.

The TreePod hammock style Cabana & Lounger's are ideal for use in a number of places. At the beach, in your backyard, on your back porch/gazebo, or out in nature. As the TreePod is extremely portable, and packs down to approximately a 2 person tent. Therefore you can have it in your car or carry it over your shoulder with ease ready to put up at any time.

To check out the TreePod hammock / hanging chair / day tent / tree house alternative - please click here.

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