Authentic & Genuine Designed Cultural Recycled Mat.

Recycled Mats support fair, ethical and sustainable trading and manufacturing standards for all. Our range of Recycled Mats have been genuinely designed by talented artists from diverse backgrounds. Backgrounds which include NZ Maori, Australian Aboriginal, Torres Strait Islands, Malaysian, Polynesian and Pacific Islands cultural perspectives.

All designs tell a unique story! A story told by the commissioned artists who created the unique multicultural designs that make these mats so impressive.

Purchasing an authentic & genuine designed cultural Recycled Mat not only supports the ethical trade, but you can also feel good in the knowledge that you are making a difference by buying something made beautiful from discarded waste. All Mats are made from 95% recycled plastics. Just one of these mats has saved as much as 545 plastic bags and miscellaneous PET plastics from the landfill.

Authentic & Genuine Maori & Pacific Designed Cultural Recycled Mat Profiles

Designer of Mangopare & Korero  – Turumakina Duley

Tuhoe, Ngaiterangi, Ngati Awa – Tu’s designs “...hold personal meaning, whether it be about family, your ancestors, your links to land or your forefathers, whether it is spiritual or commemorative in nature...“.

Tu has been practising the Maori art of Ta Moko since 1994 and he considers moko is a gift. He thinks that any bodily markings hold a very personal meaning & value to the wearer - so personal that you will never regret the indelible marking of your skin.

To learn more Tu and view his work, visit his website

Designer of Lalolagi  – Paul Childs

Paul's art is inspired by his South Pacific Island Heritage & in particular Samoan family.

While his family still lives in the beautiful bay district of Fagaloa, Paul grew up in Suva Fiji until the age of 12.

"Art has always been a part of life and I like to predominantly use Samoan patterns within my creations representing my South Pacific Island roots in Samoa."

My art is a journey connecting with my culture whilst on my personal journey of my own self discovery.”

Designer of Mandala – Ify Refini Duley

Malay, Balinese & Melanesian heritage – “My creative take on mandalas represent wholeness, reminding us of our relation to infinity. It helps facilitate meditation & connects us to our natural environment. To me, mandalas are a tool to reconnect with one self & increase self-awareness.”

Ify currently lives in the Gold Coast, Queensland and is Tu Duley's partner. Her art form focuses on sacred geometry, which is the architecture of the universe and its sacred creation. Ify aim's to portray her artwork as a visual connector to the consciousness we are all a part of. all the while reminding us that we are all cosmic diagrams of limitless potentials.

To find out about Ify and view her art and tattoo work, click


In conclusion, a Recycled Mat is saving our planet and reducing our landfills - click here to check out the range.

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