The Helio Lantern is not a traditional camping lantern. This small but mighty, portable, rechargeable, powerful camping light has an ability to provide enough light to see what you are doing in any situation.

The Helio exceeds all expectations. It weighs 45 gms - about the size of an egg. The Helio Lantern is the latest and another great innovative invention by the guys at Flextail Gear. They are a team of outdoor enthusiasts based out of Changzhou City, China. Their mission to develop lightweight outdoor equipment. '

The Helio (along with the Max Pump) serves this purpose brilliantly as the first of an entirely new generation of camping lights. This light is about one-fifth of the size of traditional lanterns. It has a key ring attachment, with a magnetised back that allows it to be stuck to any steel or iron surface. You can attach it to the bonnet of your car in an emergency, stick it to your bicycle for a late night ride. The mini carabiner included allows it to be hung from your tent, or clip it to your clothes during an evening run.

The Helio can be charged on any USB port. Whether it be a power bank, car power socket as you drive from one destination to the other. It takes 30 minutes to fully charge. The lantern can then be used continuously for up to 6 hours without diminishing in brightness. We were surprised at how bright this pint-sized light emits. It just did not seem as bright as the inventors claimed. But once we stuck it to the ceiling fan, using the magnetised base. There was enough strength to easily light up an area of at least 12 square meters. It had a pleasant diffused light - not an eye-squinting bright light.

We no longer stock Helio Lanterns. However, check out the world’s multipurpose small but mighty, lightweight, portable, rechargeable, powerful, camping Luci Lantern series here.

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