Solo Stove Portable Campfire:

We were super excited to be bringing in the Solo Stove portable campfire, that the first available weekend we high tailed it to one of our local beaches, children and marshmallows in tow. The Solo Stove is so easy to light and burns so efficiently it's effortless. We just kicked back and watched while the kids devoured more marshmallows than they should of! With varying degrees of success, my middle child trying to convince everyone that marshmallows on fire tasted better!!

I loved the fact that this was so spontaneous and different from what we normally do and there is something so hypnotic. Plus it is comforting while watching the flames it's like it's hard wired into your D.N.A, soothing to your soul. Salted driftwood is quite magical to watch as it changes colours and crackles like fireworks. On this occasion we put the cooking ring to one side and used it as a brazier. A safe alternative to a campfire as it burns everything with minimal ash and is a safer alternative to a beach fire knowing you are not leaving hot coals behind.

After marshmallows. the kids ran off their crazy. Then they joined us again by the fire and eventually conversations ceased. Everyone was huddled up in companionable silence.

It is so very primordial that something as simple as fire has the power to take as through these stages of therapy. The coming together whilst enjoying food. To that daring feeling of wild abandonment because you have fire and that beacon of safety and hope makes you fearless. Which graduates to a quiet inner contemplation.

It's in these special moments that you appreciate life, with your people sharing this moment with you. Revel in the magic of fire with your Solo Stove Portable Campfire. Not only will it help nourish and sustain you by it being a top quality portable gasless stove that burns anything nature can provide. But it takes you on a journey to melt away the stresses of life and find that authentic you. Brilliant, easy and resourceful. Lightweight and great for hiking, camping, hunters. Or chilling outdoors with good friends and family.

Check our the Solo Stove range here.

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