Embrace The Sunshine With Summer Picnic Tables

Gaynor Leclezio of La Lucie Recycled shares her secret about never spilling a drop of her favourite drink and the handmade, foldable, easy to carry, portable wooden wine table.

Blue skies and fine weather are rolling in ahead of the summer season. Meaning it’s finally time to head outdoors for al fresco wine tasting or an impromptu garden picnic with friends and loved ones.

La Lucie Recycled is a family-owned business. A business dedicated to manufacturing handmade, custom-built furniture from recycled and sustainably grown timber. Nestled on the Gold Coast, Gaynor and Eric Leclezio are the creators and designers behind the innovative Summer Picnic Table range.

Perfectly adapted for holidaymakers to not only use at a picnic, but also aboard a boat, while at the campsite or caravan. These portable, lightweight and easy to carry Summer Picnic Tables come with four convenient wine glass holders to prevent spillages. There is also a bottle holder to keep it upright and safe.

Portable Wooden Wine Table Conception

Explaining the table's conceptual origins, Gaynor Leclezio said the idea first came to her while on a family camping trip. A trip with her young children.

"As I watched my 10th glass of wine fall over and soak into the ground. I asked my husband Eric if he could make me something. Something which would hold my precious wine glass safely off the ground so it didn’t keep spilling," Leclezio said.

"Eric crafted a rudimentary version of the product we sell today. But it was not nearly as pretty or lightweight. I took my little table to the park, the kids sporting events and on further camping trips. I was continually stopped and asked where I got it. Thus the Summer Picnic Table was born and since then we have redesigned and improved our table to the product we offer today."

La Lucie Recycled took advantage of exhibiting at a number of Australian Gift Fair's in 2017. This was where the Leclezio’s personally launched the company’s newest product, the Banquet Picnic Table.

"This banquet table is larger in size than the Summer Picnic Table. It has cut-outs for six wine glasses and comes with a beer bucket to keep drinks cold and fresh. As with our Summer Picnic Table, the legs fold in and lock down to allow for easy transportation and storage," Leclezio said.

Popular with anybody who loves being outdoors, the handmade tables are widely purchased as gifts to creatively use to keep food off the ground. Or even as a safe place for keys, mobile phones and portable speakers or as a pop-up table for children to play on.

Check out the handmade easy to carry portable wooden wine Summer Picnic Table range here.


Post adapted from an AGHA article published October 2017.

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