TreePod started out in 2015 with the idea for a hanging tree tent designed for children. But lucky for us they have now created the adults version and a new style of glamping gear & glamping accessories - thus the Cabana & the Lounger daybed / tree house were born.


For those that love their view uninterrupted, the Cabana is for you! With its mesh panel sides this allows a 360 degree view and airflow. Great for those hot humid nights, with the extra benefit that star gazing, just got comfy.

The Lounger has the solid canvas walls and therefore offers more privacy. These truly are a hanging tent or adult tree house which provides you with your own personal glamping experience. They also just happen to look like the profile of a butterfly chrysalis, but shorter in length.

Glamping Gear Accessories

These would be ideal as an alternative to traditional glamping gear. They not only look awesome but also come with a wide range of glamping accessories. Accessories which will include a hanging frame, rain cover, cushioned mattress and bug door. Plus there will be varied storage options, making these positively the best hanging tent anyone could own with a single suspension point to hang your personal relaxation pod.

For every TreePod sold, Hanging Habitats - the inventor of this hanging tent / adults tree house, donates a portion of profits to Trees for the future. They plant trees in parts of the world that need them the most. A beautiful sentiment and ecologically sustainable for a better future and the continuation of the TreePod.

To check out the TreePod hanging tree tent, daybed, tree house range currently available please click here.

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