Whilst at various markets and expos throughout the North Island, we had been approached & spoken to several special needs teachers and occupational therapists. Each and everyone stated the TreePod has numerous benefits. Especially as a relaxation or sensory swing for those with special needs or who have multiple disabilities. They could see the need for them in their workplace - a school. Or even to help parents out within their own homes.

Due to the high level of interest we decided to look into this further. Thus attending the “Navigate Your Future Disability Expo” in Palmerston North in May. During the day we were approached by the Ministry of Education, industry leaders and experts. Each one whole heartedly and individually agreed that the TreePod was in fact a great asset to the user and the caregiver. We promptly sort WINZ supplier approval for those families that would benefit from one at home. This gives families that need a helping hand the ability to acquire one. On their recommendation we also contacted Special Needs Schools directly.

The Lounger is a perfect time out measure for those that feel panicked. Thus providing a calming secluded space where users can feel safe from all the extra stimulation bombarding their person.

The see-through mesh walled Cabana is a great medium where users are still very much apart of the classroom/group. It is more muted, while still including them in what is happening. Giving the user the feeling of control while within their own safe space.

There is also the extra challenge of balancing oneself and the motor skills development in controlling their own bodies. We were told the TreePods would be especially beneficial for those with Autism, as they naturally gravitate to swings and that rocking motion.

TreePod - a sensory swing focusing on relaxation for those with special needs or disabilities at home or school*.

While the TreePod was designed to hang from a tree in the outdoors. All versions equally find their place in schools or homes. Providing the ultimate in relaxation and are a great method for creating a secure safe space. All the while acting as a sensory swing. We have since demonstrated the TreePod at a number of Special Needs Schools within Auckland. It was also suggested as a learning space with sensory items placed within. It is truly the gift that keeps on giving.

Picture above is testing a Moss 1.8m (6ft) Cabana once set up at an Auckland School for people with Special Needs & Disabilities.

*We do not advise that the TreePod is used in a high traffic recreational environment, such as a playground. The TreePod is ideally suited in a controlled/monitored situation to create a relaxing environment and as a sensory swing.

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