We had gone to watch my son play football at Te Puru, Maraetai. We decided to take the Sport-Brella XL Shelter out for a test run to see how it would stand up.

Such a beautiful spot but quite exposed as the wind whips straight of the sea. But it was one of those days where you wait 5 minutes and the weather will change again! This was the first time we had taken the Sport-brella for a test run and I was nervous as it was quite windy with squally showers!

I did envision the umbrella cartwheeling down the field and potentially skewering some poor unsuspecting person. However, once I got the pegs in it felt quite sturdy. It was brilliant very sheltering and was rather cozy being out of the wind. It was Justin’s turn to help out so it was just my daughter and I who got to watch from the sidelines in comfort and style.

Unfortunately we no longer sell Sport-brella. However, we recommend the windproof Otentik range as a great shade alternative for both the beach and grass - please click here to view the range.
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