Over what has to been one of the best summers we’ve had in New Zealand, I’ve had several people approach me about this ultimate shade and it is true that my sunshade has been on plenty of interesting outings this spring and summer.  The question is, do I rate this sunshade?  I. Love. This. Sunshade.

After a rainy winter, we were desperate to get to the beach and enjoy some sunshine. Our first opportunity was at the Mount in the middle of October.  Mount Maunganui is one of our favourite spots in the country and this particular weekend the wind was making its presence known. But that didn’t stop us from enjoying some beach time and the twins were very keen to get sand between their toes.

I felt encouraged by the fact the instructions said setup was possible in less than 2 minutes.  Stretch the fabric, fill the sand bags, and position the poles.  What a doddle! However, the result was the sunshade flapping in the wind and me struggling to get the poles in position.

If you don’t succeed try try again, as we did during a trip to Raglan in November.  We’ve spent many a time at Ngarunui Beach.  The sunshade comes in a sleek carry bag so was perfect for that trek up the hill back to the carpark.

Hubby and I proceeded the second set up attempt.  Stretch, fill, move bags and position poles.  Once getting comfortable underneath the shade things went wrong. It collapsed leaving me fumbling underneath it, red faced with embarrassment.  Confronted with staring faces it was time to seek constructing advice.  It appears, it needed more stretch and face into wind direction.

The third and final attempt at Whiritoa beach was a success. Stretch, fill, move bags and position poles.  The shade was flying in the breeze perfectly.

The Otentik Sunshade (beach tent or sun shelter) is quiet, stable and has UPF50 protection from the sun.  Is reasonably priced and is great in the windiest conditions where umbrella’s, tents and the likes are no match.

Written by our Ambassador Letitia Buckle.


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