We welcome you to come along to the Home & Garden Show / Expo that we are displaying at throughout the year. These expo's and shows are perfect to come look, touch and experience the world of difference these simple but practical ideas can do for you.

If you're looking to relax you have to try the TreePod, great as a glamping alternative also. Picnicking, we’ve got you sorted with a wide range of recycled mats and gorgeous wine tables. If you're at the beach then Otentik sunshades (sunshade windsail with sandbags) are a necessity.

Outdoor evenings spent in the backyard, beach or just out in nature are made even better with the Fireflower (a portable fire pit/brazier/grill).

Furthermore, if you are into camping or tramping we have the Luci solar lanterns or string lights. Then there is our “small but mighty” Flextail micro lantern & air pump range.

Lifestyle Gear, we are an online store so this is the perfect opportunity to check out our wears of which you can be assured of our high standards in quality. If you’ve ever been interested in what we offer, the below dates are perfect for you to experience our products.

Come down and meet Justin & I (Nicki). We can have a chat and can share our experiences with using our gear. Look forward to seeing you all there:

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