TreePod Lounger 1.8m/6ft

TP 6ft Loung - Aqua
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Color :
Aqua Marine
Slate Blue

Hanging Tent / Tree Tent

The TreePod Lounger will complement any indoor or outdoor space as a hammock pod – hanging tent or glamping tree tent alternative. The TreePod range is the ultimate relaxation alternative! With all the comforts of a hammock, the Lounger is perfect for creating a secluded space in your home or office, apartment or holiday home, inside or outside.

As with the entire range, these one-point suspension TreePods are the new level of hammock and hanging tent hybrid. The TreePod Lounger allows you unwind in privacy all the while providing with the sensation of floating.  Durable soft & breathable cotton/canvas fabric strong enough to support at least two adults.

The Lounger will compliment any space & is perfect for creating a place in your home or office with a bit of privacy due to its solid canvas sides, or use as your own personal glamping tent alternative on those hot summer nights. Throw in some pillows and a blanket and you are set for the night!*

The key difference between the Lounger and Cabana models is the sides of the pod. The Cabana has mesh sides which gives a muted 360 degree view and mre airflow. Whereas the Lounger has canvas sides and is more of an enclosed floating tent feel.

TREEPOD LOUNGER (canvas walls) – Hammock Pod, Hanging Tent Hybrid, Glamping Tree Tent Alternative*:

  • More Privacy
  • Maximum Relaxation
  • UV-Treated Canvas
  • Steel Frame
  • Height: 1.8m (6 Feet)
  • Width: 1.8m (6 Feet)
  • Product weight 10.66kgs
  • Max Weight Capacity: 226kgs (500 Pounds)

    With a range of accessories, the Lounger is ideal for the outdoor enthusiast, backyard explorer and also people who live in apartments.

    For an independent review of the newest addition to the TreePod range please click here. Or to read about one of our experiences with the TreePod Lounger click here.

    The TreePod Cabana is also exclusively available through Lifestyle Gear and to check out the range please click here.


    1.  We do not advise that the TreePod is used in a high traffic recreational environment, such as a playground. The TreePod is ideally suited in a controlled/monitored situation to create a relaxing environment and as a sensory swing.

    2.  All TreePod Cabana & Lounger models are made of canvas and you should put your TreePod away inside on windy and rainy days.

    Canvas (and therefore TreePods) is designed to be left outside for extended periods of time. Exposure to prolonged moisture, wind and/or sun will cause rot, mildew, mould, rust and/or a build-up of natural matter which deteriorates the overall product prematurely and causes unnecessary damage.

    Leaving a TreePod up during windy and rainy days/outside all year round increases the risk of any warranty becoming void.

      Weight 11.4 kg
      Dimensions 80 × 27 × 17 cm
      Colour - Lounger

      Aqua Marine, Graphite, Ivory, Moss, Slate Blue, Terracotta

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