TreePod Flat Storage Case - 1.8m/6ft

TP Flat Storage - 1.82m
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Flat Storage Case – For Both Lounger Or Cabana

The TreePod flat storage case gives you the option to store your hanging tree tent Lounger or Cabana hanging chair for the season without taking it apart.

This slim storage bag allows the TreePod to be collapsed so it lays flat – like an oversized hula hoop.  You can then tuck it away with the steel frame and canvas Pod fully assembled.

TreePods are easily put together without alot of effort. Insert the steel frame hoop poles and clip them together for both the top ad bottom. However, these storage cases give you the option to leave all of this in place. Simply lay the flat storage case on the ground under your Pod. Unclip it from its hanging point and drop it down. zip up the cover and roll it away into a safe, dry undercover space until you need it next.

This storage option is just one of the many accessories made by TreePod.

Hanging Habitats is the Colorado based company that have designed the TreePod Cabana & Lounger models. They specialise in creating portable and stylish hang-out spaces that literally “hang-out.” And are known for their spacious hanging retreats. Check out the range here.

Weight .75 kg
Dimensions 38 × 25 × 5 cm
Size - Flat Storage case 1.8m/6ft
TreePod Flat Storage Case - 1.8m/6ft
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