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Something a bit different – ‘Cheers’ Etched Picnic Table, Ideal for up to four people!

These ‘Cheers’ etched picnic tables are just another great addition to our Natural range.  They are beautifully engraved with two Wine Glasses posing together in a traditional ‘Cheers’, this beautiful design is beautiful and a welcomed engraving to folding wine table family.

CHEERS, to friendship, good times and making memories with friends, family or loved ones!

The Natural ‘Cheers’ etched folding/portable table range comes in square or round. They all have four wine glass cut-outs to keep the glasses upright and built-in bottle holders to keep your chosen drop from tipping over. There is also enough space for a platter of nibbles or a plate of food. The legs fold neatly underneath when you have finished using it. Simply just wipe it down, just close the legs and pop it away in your car, caravan or camper.

‘Cheers’ Designed Portable Picnic Table

These unique ‘Cheers’ etched picnic tables are a great gift for any ‘impossible to buy for a person who already has everything’. They are also a perfect gift to commemorate a wedding gift or to commemorate an anniversary or a birthday.

Each portable, foldable picnic table has been hand-crafted and finished with two coats of varnish. This helps protect them from the elements and spills. As with all the tables in our Summer Picnic Table range, each table is quite unique and one-of-a-kind.

Should four wine glass holders just not be enough, then check out our banquet folding picnic table range. These tables don’t just have the one bottle holder – but also have an ice bucket.

Please Note: Our picnic table range is carefully handcrafted. Our tables can vary in colour & texture, depending on the raw materials we use. Some have knots, some have a smooth surface, some have a more rustic feel about them, but all are made with the same quality and love. We do not accept exchanges for these differences and find that our customers love that each table is uniquely different while seeing the consistent quality.

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 40 × 5 cm
Shape - Summer Picnic Tables ROUND
Colour Natural - Cheers


The Round Summer Picnic Tables once set up stand at 40cm long x 40cm wide x 20cm high. Each table weighs approx 1.5kg and comes with foldable legs for ease of storage and transportation.

All tables are sealed with 2 coats of exterior grade water based varnish to protect from spillages.

To best care for your picnic wine table, just wipe it down with a damp cloth before putting it away.

Our Summer Picnic Tables range are made from sustainably grown New Zealand and Australian plantation pine, produced and certified to AS/NZS 2269 and AS 6669.

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