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MAX SUP PUMP - 20PSI Cordless, Rechargeable, Air Pump for SUP & all things Inflatable.

MAX SUP PUMP is a revolutionary way to get your inflatable SUP to the correct pressure with minimal effort. This portable, rechargeable, cordless, light weight unit has a  built-in battery so you can take it anywhere and forget all the hassles from tangling cords or having to find a power source. 

Lightweight, Cordless Design

MAX SUP PUMP weighs in at only 1.70kgs and with a 9600mAh built-in battery, you can literially forget any hassles of  cords or having to find a power socket. However, if you caught short and run out of power or are next to your vehicle, there is a 12v car connector included.

The hidden handle won’t take up extra space and allows you to carry it more easily. With its streamlined look and bright orange colour, this unit will be your best friend when you want to hit the water. 

6 Minutes to Inflate a SUP

MAX SUP PUMP can reach 8.5kPa in only 73 seconds with a maximum speed of 360L/min at the first stage. 

At stage two, it can fast increase pressure from 8.5kPa to the required pressure with maximum flow of 90L/min.

This cordless rechargeable inflation pump can inflate a 13PSI Paddle Board (10'6'' x 32'' x 6'') in only 6 minutes.  

Say goodbye to the hand-pumping and more time on the water!

3 Smart Modes - Pump Up To 6 SUPs in a Row

MAX SUP PUMP has three inflation modes (SUP / KITE / MAT) to meet your different needs and make the operation of the pump easier. With one single click, simply select the required pressure needed to inflate your "toy".

Patented Active Cooling System

Flextail's patented active cooling system prevents your MAX SUP PUMP from overheating on a hot day at the beach. Such technology will assist ensure your unit works at it's maximum performance and lifespan.

Digital Display & Auto Shut-off

With the built-in digital display, you can preset your desired PSI/Modes and monitor the pressure in real-time. The digital sensor of the MAX SUP PUMP actively monitors the pressure and inflation to 0.1 PSI of your setting. With the simple press of a button you also can easily switch the unit systems between BAR and PSI.

MAX SUP PUMP will shut off automatically when it reaches the pre-set PSI, Save your time and free your hands. In addition, the Memory Function will automatically recall the previously set pressure for the next inflation.

MAX SUP PUMP – cordless, rechargeable, portable, inflation pump

  • Midweight – USB-C rechargeable SUP inflation pump, and power bank that weighs approx 1.7kgs;
  • Portable – 281mm long x 247mm wide x 102mm high;
  • Powerful – two stage inflation at 360L/min and 90L/min & upto a 20PSI;
  • Built-in lithium battery – 9600mAh, charged by USB-C cable and includes a 12v car connection cable;
  • Emergency Power Supply (EPS) – power bank  with enough power to give your phone a quick battery charge.
  • 12 Month return to base warranty.

What's In The MAX SUP PUMP Box?

Please note: The Max SUP Pump is not waterproof and does not have and IP rating. Please click here for further information on IP waterproof standards.


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Weight 2.78 kg
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Max SUP Pump Orange & Black
Max SUP Pump
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