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KORERO is a popular mat designed for outdoors & camping, beach or picnics, classrooms or cultural centres. Celebrate NZ as you relax on this mat, or use this design as a teaching tool about Maori culture.

Korero Designed Mats – ideal for classrooms, cultural centres, campsites, the beach or picnics, inside or outside!

KORERO Recycled Mat (2.7m in diameter) are popular versatile mats for cultural centres or classrooms. At picnics, at campsites or at the beach. The circular shape inspires people to connect. All the while providing an area to share stories or food. Celebrate Maori culture as you relax on this mat. Alternatively use this design as a teaching tool about world cultures.

Choose a Korero New Zealand Cultural Design Recycled Mat in two stylish options. Ideal as an eye-catching addition to your home, office, classroom or as a cultural element to any early child care centre. These mats could also be a unique NZ-themed gift to someone special. Korero is a Maori term for a meeting or discussion, what better place to engage your friends, family or students in conversation while celebrating culture through art. The Korero design mat is in striking black/white or green/white. It is ideal for creating a space within a space.

New Zealand artist Turumakina Duley created the impressive Korero design. Korero is also known as Ngaa Hau ee Wha – ‘the four winds’. The image of the four winds evokes people coming from all directions to gather in pursuit of peace through ceremony, celebration and learning. The artist draws on his ancestry of Tuhoe, Ngaiterangi and Ngati Awa origins to produce cultural imagery for tattoos and other visual art forms.

Like all the durable, comfortable floor coverings from Recycled Mats. These Korero Design Recycled Mats are long-lasting and also easy to maintain. Made from 100% recycled plastics, such as plastic bags and PET bottles, it is lightweight for transporting and storing. Furthermore, it wipes clean with ease. Follow our care instructions in order to maximise their life.

To add a bit of colour to this Korero Recycled Mat at a picnic or around campsites why not consider one of our round Summer Picnic Tables.

Care Instructions

All our Recycled floor Mats have been made to the best attainable standards from UV treated recycled polypropylene. Follow our guide to mat maintenance for cleaning and storage instructions. Our floor mats and playmats are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but extensive exposure to sun or rain will lead to fading and deterioration over time. Follow our care instructions in order to maximise their life.

We do advise that you show your mat some love and bring it inside when not in use, as they are not designed for permanent exposure to the sun and outdoor elements.

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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 90 × 36 × 8 cm
Colour - Korero Black/White, Green/White


Korero Design Recycled Mat – camping, picnics, classrooms, beach

Size: 2.7m
Colours: Black/White or Green/White.
Shape: Round.
Made from: Recycled polypropylene plastic.

Name of design: Korero.
Origin of artist: New Zealand Maori, Tuhoe, Ngaiterangi, Ngati Awa.
Artist: Turumakina Duley.

These mats are reversible. Photos show both sides of the same mat. Mat colours may differ slightly from the images shown due to the different inks used in individual print runs. Designed in Australia, manufactured in China or India. NOTE that size of each mat is +/- 5% due to weaving techniques in manufacturing and may not be 100% as stated. If using your mat on a slippery surface, it is recommended that a non-slip mesh be placed underneath.

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