GUMLEAVES & WATERHOLES Design Mat - BLUE 3.0m x 3.0m

RM Gum - BLUE 3m
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Gum Leaves & Waterholes Recycled Mats - perfect for larger groups or those who want space when at a picnic, at the beach, or around campsites. 

With all our recycled mats, this ever-popular Gum Leaves & Waterholes Recycled Mat (3m x 3m) is a hard-wearing mat and easy to clean. You can just wipe away any dirt or dust, or hose it off and dry out in the shade. These mats are perfect for any occasion indoor or out, including as picnic blanket, at the beach or around campsites.

This Gum Leaves and Waterholes mat is a contemporary Australian design by artist Caitlin Trindall. As with our entire Recycled Mat range, these mats are made from 95% recycled woven recycled plastics to create a reversible and portable outdoor living mat. Despite its size, this mat is light enough to fold up to carry and transport/store away. Keep it in the back of the car ready for your next outdoor adventure. The 3.0m x 3.0m size provides enough space to accommodate larger groups as a picnic blanket alternative.

Caitlin, an Indigenous Australian artist, designed this artwork with inspiration from her favourite camping spot - Burraga Dam in southern NSW. She believes there is no better feeling than sinking bare feet into the sand and dipping into the freshwater dam. Then closing your eyes to listen to the sound of rustling gum leaves in the breeze. Burraga Dam is a place where Caitlin goes to feel refreshed, as the peaceful surroundings leave her feeling relaxed and free.

The design of this mat includes iconic features of Burraga Dam. It incorporates a pattern of gum leaves and waterholes that will leave you feeling connected to nature. You can have confidence when buying our mats. They are ethically made with recycled materials.

These mats go really well with our Summer Picnic Table range and our beach sunshades. If you like the design but are looking for something bigger - click here to check out the Caravan range.

Care Instructions

All our Recycled floor Mats have been made to the best attainable standards from UV treated recycled polypropylene. Follow our guide to mat maintenance for cleaning and storage instructions. Our floor mats and playmats are suitable for indoor and outdoor use, but extensive exposure to sun or rain will lead to fading and deterioration over time. Follow our care instructions in order to maximise their life.

We do advise that you show your mat some love and bring it inside when not in use, as they are not designed for permanent exposure to the sun and outdoor elements.

Weight 4.1 kg
Dimensions 102 × 43 × 8 cm


Gum Leaves & Waterholes Design Recycled Mat – picnics, beach, gatherings, classrooms, campsite

Size: 3.0m x 3.0m.
Colours: , Blue/Teal/Grey.
Shape: Square.
Made from: Recycled polypropylene plastic.
Name of design: Gum Leaves & Waterholes 3.0m.

These mats are reversible. Photos show both sides of the same mat. Mat colours may differ slightly from the images shown due to the different inks used in individual print runs. Designed in Australia, manufactured in China or India. NOTE that size of each mat is +/- 5% due to weaving techniques in manufacturing and may not be 100% as stated. If using your mat on a slippery surface, it is recommended that a non-slip mesh be placed underneath.

GUMLEAVES & WATERHOLES Design Mat - BLUE 3.0m x 3.0m
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