ESSENCE – Yoga / Meditation Mat

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Practising meditation & yoga regularly can have a substantially positive effect on your mental health and happiness. Even taking a few minutes each day to quietly sit on your meditation mat and slow down to acknowledge how your body is feeling, may actually help it to feel better.

Designed by Australian Aboriginal artist of the Wiradjuri Nation in central New South Wales, De Greer-Yindimincarlie says: “What is the essence of me, the essence of you… Is it your spirit, heart or soul, or all… when we ask the question about what the real and invariable nature of us is, it is only then do we think about our answer.” As a commissioned artist, De gets 10% of the wholesale price from each sale.

The naturally sourced rubber used in these meditation mats are free of silicone, toxic glue, phthalates or PVC. These 4mm thick mats are hard-wearing, easy to care for and unlike other synthetic rubber or foam. They won’t retain moisture and are all BPA-FREE. The micro-fibre suede top is made from recycled plastic bottles.

The Essence Meditation / Yoga mat is not only comfortable to sit on. They are kind to the environment too. Plus they come with a FREE hemp carry strap making pack-up and transport a breeze.

While the world may be filled with uncertainty at the moment, you can take charge and create calm for yourself with a few deep breaths and a quiet moment on your new Essence mat.


These mats are not suitable for children under 3 years of age.

ESSENCE Meditation / Yoga Mat – a great alternative to traditional rectangular mats.

Size: 920mm x 4mm
Colour: Yellow & Green.
Shape: Round.
Made from: Naturally sourced rubber.
Name of design: ESSENCE.


Naturally sourced, the rubber used in our mats contains no silicone, toxic glue, phthalates or PVC and unlike other synthetic rubber or foam, it’s hard-wearing and won’t retain moisture and are all BPA-FREE. The microfibre suede top is made from recycled plastic bottles.

Each mat comes with a FREE carry strap for your convenience. Please note that the rubber may contain a very small amount of latex (1-2%). Manufactured in China

ESSENCE – Yoga / Meditation Mat
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