Our range of sunshades, beach tents, sun shelters (or whatever you wish to call them) have been hand-selected and are truly a game-changer for me! Normally I don’t spend all that long at the beach because I simply can’t handle the sun. I wilt in the sun. I’m fair and turn 50 shades of red without proper sun protection. This means I’ve tried a lot of sun shelters in the past. We usually bought a new one every year hoping it would be different but once I discovered these sun shades 3 years ago, I have never look back.

It is funny how we as humans have evolved so much we tend to over complicate things. But the crazy thing about our beach shade is their simplistic design. They come in a small easily portable, lightweight over the shoulder carry bag and setting it up takes minutes. This easy set up consists of filling up the sandbags which creates your anchor points and push up the material with the poles. Depending on what the sun and wind are doing you can always have a play with the positioning of the poles to create maximum shade.

These sunshades, beach tents, sun shelters work like a wind sail/sunshade, utilizing your environment and working with atmospheric conditions. When the wind changes direction you can make slight adjustments with the poles and you're good to go again. On windy days you can use the socks the poles come in to tie over and around the poles. Then dig holes in the sand placing the sandbags within. The wonderful thing about this sun shelter is your 360-degree view. No wind barriers or walls, you enjoy the beach breeze as the sun beats down on you.

Does the colour of the sunshades, beach tents, sun shelters make a difference?

Psychologically the darker material colours of the beach shelter feel like they offer more protection from the sun as they have more pigment. Thus darker colours make you feel more shaded. I even read somewhere that the Bedouin desert nomads tent are always black because they feel cooler once under/inside them.

All of these shelters do have a 50+ U.V protection rating. But the suns radiation not only comes from the up top but also from the reflected light off the earth/sand, meaning you still need to be sun smart. As always when in the outdoors we recommend you apply sunscreen.

Check out our range of Sunshades & Beach tents here.

Written by Nicki - Owner of Lifestyle Gear.

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