I bent my knees, slid my bottom in place and shimmied my way to rest my back on the mesh.  Then let out an "ah" and wondered where this piece of equipment had been all my life. TreePod - a great alternative to a hammock or hanging chair and a unique present for that significant other.

There is something about floating in the air in the outdoors.  When you have a busy life, there is nothing like, lying back and just simply pondering.

Since then I’ve been constantly thinking of where I can hang my 6 foot Cabana TreePod.

Mostly, it’s been hanging around the house, either under our avocado tree or in the tripod stand.  It was the first thing I thought about coming through the front door on those warm autumn nights and it was a race to get in there before my husband.  On Easter weekend we hung it in the backyard of the holiday home.  Whilst the twins spent time between friends homes there was time for lots of reading in the TreePod.

I can’t wait until summer 2020 so we can take it on many more adventures and maybe find a tree beside a river to hang out!

It’s been compared to having a similar comfort to hammock or hanging chair but I disagree, I think it’s the ultimate in comfort.

The tripod stand is made of steel and is easy to assemble.  We have a great spot on our deck that we pop ours and it takes in all the country views.  You may need a hand to connect the TreePod to the stand.  We found it worked best if one person lowered the stand whilst the other person connected the Treepod.

If you are looking for a unique present, look no further.  The TreePod would fit into anyone’s lives and add value for many years.

Written by Lifestyle Gear Ambassador Letitia Buckle.

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