Fireflower - a portable bbq, firepit or brazier for one or for many.

The COVID-19 experience has been interesting for most and different for everyone.  Being nature lovers, it’s been difficult not being able to venture out and enjoy the outdoors.  In Level 4 we were able to do exercise within our neighbourhood but not venture further than that. Then in Level 3 we were able to go slightly further but that didn’t involve the beach, lake or some of our favourite walking tracks.  The fact that we’re pleased to be able to visit some our favourite spots again is an understatement.

What lockdown has given us is the opportunity to use our Fireflower firepit in more ways than one!  We’ve experienced some fantastic autumn weather in recent weeks which has called for drinks on the deck, the use of our Fireflower firepit and lots of marshmallows.  It has also provided the opportunity to clean up the property and make use of our firepit to burn some unwanted wood.  Possibly not the recommended use for it but it did the trick.  We had been wetting the grass around it regularly to limit any burning underneath and had a wooden base to protect the grass but in the end it taught us that future use requires a more heat-proof base i.e. stone.

The Love of Fire

We love the compact nature of the firepit, come brazier, come portable bbq and intend taking it on picnics, camping and other adventures.  It stacks flat when disassembled and is approximately 56cm when assembled and weighs 15 kilograms with the grill module included.  When assembled it creates a sturdy but lightweight flower shape.  It’s also received runner up in the 2018 Outdoor Made in the South Awards!

Most people love the ambience of fire and how it can mesmerise you if you let it.  I can’t think of a better way to re-join friends than around a Fireflower firepit.

Written by Lifestyle Gear Ambassador Letitia Buckle.

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