In the hustle and bustle of today’s society, coffee in its many different forms is a pretty standard way to start the day. It certainly is in our household, recently we started noticing the stove top espresso pots making there way into popular chain stores. To be fair a lot of them seemed thin, not made from quality materials. You knew going into it, it may last a year if you’re lucky or until the fad wanes and something else replaces it.

However, that feeling of being, the ritual and contentment that comes from the act of drinking coffee lead us to seek out better online alternatives. What we noticed was they were really expensive and despite being NZ websites, it was all drop shipping! That surprised us and it was through the perseverance of a determined sales representative that we saw an opportunity. To be able to sell an aesthetically pleasing but really robust alternative was all the motivation we needed.

We like most NZ’ers love a good bargain, and as such we keep our margins tight so that more people can afford these little pleasures in life. As a business owner buying and selling, you get to see behind the curtain (so to speak) and we’re a little horrified at the mark up from so many other businesses on this product especially when the quality is not there!

What we love about Alocs Moka Coffee Pot / Stove Top Espresso Maker is firstly the base consists of 430 stainless steel which can be used on any cooking surface – gas, induction or electric.

These are designed to be used on a number of different cooking mediums which range from your top of the line - induction surface, gas stove or tangier to your basic element stove tops. With this versatility it seamlessly blends indoor convenience with outdoor luxury.

I know that most guys would sacrifice aesthetics for functionality but in this case it’s a win/win. Aptly named the "Swan" for its elegant, sleek design without sacrificing quality, or hitting your wallet!

Please click here to check out the range.

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