Grass Pegs

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These pegs go well the any of the beach sun shade range.

This set of pegs to set up your beach sun shade in your backyard or at a picnic in the park. While enjoying a festival or on the sideline of and sports. Down At the river or the lake this pop-up sun shelter / pop-up beach sun shade is a must.

Each pack has four pegs which fit inside the OTENTIK Lycra Bag. Simply push the sandbag up to expose the rope. Then use the peg to anchor your sunshade in place.

One of the significant bonuses of the pop-up sun shade tent range is that it makes use of what the natural surrounding offers. While These pegs are a great accessory for anyone in the outdoors. You should also consider an extra set of poles.

Pop-up beach sunshade / shade tent is a must-have for all kiwi couples or families.

All of the beach sunshade range is easy and fast to create a shaded place. These beach shelters are also fun for the whole family as they only take a couple of minutes to set up. They are also lightweight to carry by even the smaller members of your family.

Once you put your Sunshade up, it can just be left in one place. Just reposition the poles to create maximum shade throughout the day.

Weight 0.2kg
Size 23 × 8 × 3 cm
Colour Yellow
Grass Pegs
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